Centrifugal fans type CNB are light-weight, compact low pressure fans with high efficiency designed for universal installation. They are therefore well suited for commercial ventilation and air conditioning, besides which they are often used in other ventilation plants (industrial and marine) where economic operation and a low sound level are important factors.

Type CNB is available in seven sizes with impeller diameters from 400 mm to 1.000 mm. As appears from the performance curves type CNB is designed for higher speeds than type CNA.


Novenco - CENTRIFUGAL FANS TYPE CPC - jayatech - spare part pksCentrifugal fan type CPC has a narrow radial type impeller with long backward curved blades and is designed for relatively small air volumes and high pressures. It is mainly used in industrial installations.

Type CPC is available in nine standard sizes, having impeller diameters from 250 mm to 1.000 mm and delivering air volumes up to approx. 4,5m3/s (16.200 m3/h) against pressures up to approx. 10.000 N/m2 (1.000 mm w.g.). All sizes can be funished on order in varying widths, so that the capacity can be adapted to specific requirements. Dimensions and capacities for such fans will be stated on request. Special constructions (e.g. with gastight stuffing box, cooling disc, etc.) are made to specification.


Novenco - CENTRIFUGAL FANS TYPE CBS - jayatech - spare part pksCentrifugal fan type CBS is a compact and robust medium pressure fan with self-cleaning blades, which can be used where the air has a relatively high dust concentration. It is designed for universal installation and is well suited for all types of ventilation plants where economic operation and low sound level are important factors.

Type CBS can be supplied in special designs capable of handling air at temperatures up to 360oC.

Type CBS is available in 7 standard sizes with impeller diameters from 400 mm to 1.000 mm; it is normally supplied with an impeller having the width designation 70(e.g. fan designation CBS-710/70). All sizes can be furnished on order with impellers having the width designation 50; the capasities of these will be stated on request.

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