Monitoring at Site


For the sale of new units according to the agreement, our company will send a technician to the location Factory for commissioning with the aim of ensuring that the products supplied runs smoothly and does not disturb the customer production schedules.

Free of Charge Inspection

For regular customers and contracts, our company provides after sales service by sending a technician to inspect the products have been supplied. The visit was carried out perodik to factory locations to see how the installation, maintenance, use of the product is in conformity with the right way with the aim that the life time of the product is higher. The results of the visit contains a problem in the field and we can deliver solutions that will be sent to the customer as a reference for improvement for each visit.

TroubleShooting At Site

With time and cost efficiency considerations, the most damage and maintenance issues will be directly carried our technicians are experienced in the factory location so that the product can be directly operated to support the customer factory production.

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